care instructions

Thing necklaces are delicate and fragile, and must be worn with care. 

Avoid letting your Thing piece have exposure to perfume and other beauty products - simply apply your beauty products before putting on your necklace. 

We encourage you to remove your necklace before showering, swimming or exercising to preserve the condition of the beads and the Sterling Silver metals, as exposure to the chemicals in water will darken the appearance of the metals. 

After wearing, and to remove marks that may appear, you can clean your necklace gently with a soft polishing cloth. This will help remove any build-up of oils that may have come in contact with the necklace during your day. 

When you aren't wearing your necklace, it can live lying flat in the jewellery pouch provided to avoid any damage to the stringing, or scratching of the materials. Please ensure the necklace is fully dry from being wiped clean before you store it away.


Please be mindful that some Thing necklaces are composed of shells with irregularities, which is part of their natural, unique state. Please wear your shell necklace with extra caution. 

If you need to spot clean your shells, use cold water and a cloth, and if you would like, apply a tiny amount of baby oil to protect the shell. Avoid getting water on any other areas of your necklace.